Coming together for a noble mission, we have organized a prestigious event “Lang International Corporate Titan Awards 2020”. The word “Lang” is taken from the shortened word of “Helang” in Malay language which means eagle. It represents the spirit of the awards that the winners are recognized as the leader in their respective industry. As the saying goes, “all birds find shelter during a rain, but eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds” only those have courage to go beyond their limits will succeed. 

The “Lang International Corporate Titan Awards 2020” will be a process of certification that identifies and recognizes true achievers in the respect of being outstanding, genuine and trustworthy. We want ours to be noble, meaningful and recognized for its worthiness and credibility. In order to achieve that, we collaborate with the most authoritative working partners in Malaysia i.e Royal Police Malaysia (PDRM), Companies of Commissions Malaysia (SSM) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). On the other hand, we have formed a prominent and credible team of selection committee to ensure all deserved winners live up to the name of the awards. The transparency of assessment is closely monitored by the exclusive independent auditor, the leading global audit firm – ECOVIS AHL PLT.

Selection of winners will be judged on 2 dimensions: quantitative and qualitative as well as the following 5 aspects:

1) Creditworthiness / Integrity

2) Financial strength,

3) Business growth,

4) Positive impact to society,

5) Others.

Subsequently, the awards will raise their business excellence in an effort to propel the economy of Malaysia.

  Core Value

  LICTA certification markes the recognition for enterprises in the respect of being ''Outstanding,Genuine & Trusthworthy''. It will be the most trusted reference for their business associates, investors, bankers and so forth.

 A series of branding, advertising & promotion activities to enhance the enteprises' brand recognition.​  

 A resource integration platform comprises highly knowledgeable, exceptionally informative and disntinctly connected person. This is also an excellent platform for business nextworking. 


  To bring order out of chaos and reduce non-genuine business activities.

  To instill the spirit to reform and create miracles among entrepreneurs.

  To establish a resource integration platform for local and foreign enterprises.

  To place the enterprises in good standing in the eyes of their respective business associates, investors, bankers, government bodies and so forth.

  To confer recognition of remarkable achievements to local and foreign enterprises and enhance their brand recognition.
  To elevate the status of Malaysia as the most active and strong business association through nurturing of entrepreneurs and sharing opportunities.

  To promote Malaysia to overseas tycoons in the respect of trade, tourism, education and etc.


A simple and minimalistic concept that uses 2 wings coiling around the letter ' I ' to symbolize the award's attainment of international level. The word “Lang” is taken from the shortened word of “Helang” in Malay language which means eagle, symbolized by the huge wings which also represents the spirit of the awards, leading the winners to soar high for success and achieve victory. The blue and red colours on the wings signify unity and courage respectively. As the saying goes, “all birds find shelter during a rain, but eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds”, only those who go beyond their limits will succeed. 
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