Organizing Chairmaní»s Speech

Mr. Muhamad Farkhan Bin Hj Mohd Haron
"We carry a noble mission: We bring order out of chaos and instill the spirit of Daring Changes Create Miracles."
“People may know me as a famous professional boxer who has attained some huge achievements at the international level. SEA Games Gold Medalist, The Malaysia Book of Records holder, WBC Asia Cruiserweight Champion, WBC Asia Light Heavyweight Champion and this year, ABF Cruiserweight Championship… All these recognitions are hard earned by my own effort and sacrifices.

Little did people know that I am a graduate of Business Study from a local university and the director of SAHABAT SMI® Group of Advisory Companies. Today, I am glad that I have such an opportunity to speak as the organizing chairman of this prestigious event. In the recent years, there have been too many non-genuine business activities in the market. We have to admit that most industry-award events have lost the initial purpose of award presentation, which is fundamentally the acknowledgement of achievements.

All success is made up of sweat and tears, be it in business or boxing arena. Reformation of the country has given us a confidence boost and we know that the best timing for a change in the corporate world has finally arrived. We want to bring order out of chaos and encourage entrepreneurs to make daring changes and create miracles. We will pick up this noble mission and organize this awards which only give recognition to those who are truly outstanding, genuine and trustworthy.

This is not merely a dream to pursue, we have turned words into actions. The “Lang International Corporate Titan Awards 2018” will be a certification that identifies and recognizes true achievers in the corporate sector. We want ours to be noble, meaningful and recognized for its worthiness and credibility. The awards will be an international event that will connect local entrepreneurs to business tycoons from overseas.

Last but not least, we always have to remember our root even when we soar high up in any success. Take up the challenge, we will assist the winners to grow big with a series of post event activities. I thank you in advance for joining us in this journey. ”

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