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Dewan Ekonomi is one of the magazines published under Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka (DBP) which is a department under the Ministry of Education. The Board of Director of DBP is led by YBhg. Prof. Datuk Seri Dr. Awang Bin Sariyan and the members comprise KSU of Ministry of Education, KSU of Ministry of Finance, Attorney General, Keeper of the Rulers......(read more at )

DBP is granted the autonomous power to (i) formulate specific policies; (ii) organize language and literature construction and development programmes, and (iii) undertake the publishing and sale of books on a competitive basis according to the principles and practices of business and publishing.

Dewan Ekonomi is highly regarded as the most authoritative economy magazine and is subscribed by all official government departments in Malaysia. It has been publishing monthly since January 1994 and includes various issues related to economic and business development at local and global levels. There are 68 pages in the magazine. This magazine is popular among corporate members, businessmen and students at university and upper secondary level.


SAHABAT SMI® Group of Advisory Companies
(SAHABAT SMI®) is an established and prominent funding consultant & business consultant in Malaysia. In business financing, it has created countless brilliant records and received multi recognitions from Malaysia Government i.e Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumerism, Ministry of Human Resource, SME Corp Malaysia, MARA and etc. The strength lies in identifying bottlenecks, unblocking bottlenecks and creating phenomenal growth for SMEs. 

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